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The table below can be used to identify different types of inhalers

 Inhaler & Device Description
 Device Picture

BeclomethasoneDipropionate 50 Micrograms Inhaler

BrandName: ClenilModulite 50 Inhaler

BeclomethasoneDipropionate 100 Micrograms  Inhaler

BrandName: ClenilModulite 100 Inhaler


BeclomethasoneDipropionate 200 Micrograms  Inhaler

BrandName: ClenilModulite 200 Inhaler


Budesonide200 Micrograms Turbohaler

BrandName:  Pulmicort 200 Turbohaler


Budesonide400 Micrograms Turbohaler

BrandName: Pulmicort400 Turbohaler


Budnesonide/FormoterolFumarate Dihydrate 100/6

Brand Name: Symbicort 100/6Turbohaler

Budnesonide/FormoterolFumarate Dihydrate 200/6

BrandName: Symbicort200/6 Turbohaler


Budnesonide/FormoterolFumarate Dihydrate 400/12

BrandName: Symbicort400/12 Turbohaler


FluticasonePropionate 100 Micrograms Accuhaler

BrandName:  Flixotide Accuhaler


FluticasonePropionate 125 Micrograms Inhaler

BrandName: FlutideInhaler


FluticasonePropionate 250 Micrograms Inhaler

Brand Name: Flutide Forte Inhaler


FluticasonePropionate 50 Micrograms Evohaler

BrandName: FlixotideEvohaler


Glycopyronium  Bromide 44 Micrograms 

BrandName: SeebriBreezhaler


IpratropiumBromide 20 Micrograms Inhaler

BrandName: AtroventCFC-Free Inhaler


Salbutamol100 Micrograms Autohaler

BrandName: AiromirAutohaler


Salbutamol100 Micrograms Inhaler

BrandName: SalamolCFC-Free Inhaler


Salbutamol100 Micrograms Inhaler

BrandName: SalamolEasi-Breathe CFC-Free Inhaler


Salmeterol25 Micrograms/Fluticasone Propionate 50 Micrograms 

BrandName:  Seretide 50 Evohaler


Salmeterol25 Micrograms/Fluticasone Propionate 125 Micrograms

BrandName:  Seretide 125 Evohaler


Salmeterol25 Micrograms/Fluticasone Propionate 250 Micrograms

BrandName:  Seretide 250 Evohaler


Salmeterol50 Micrograms/Fluticasone Propionate 100 Micrograms

BrandName:  Seretide 100 Accuhaler


Salmeterol50 Micrograms/Fluticasone Propionate 250 Micrograms 

BrandName:  Seretide 250 Accuhaler


Salmeterol50 Micrograms/Fluticasone Propionate 500 Micrograms 

BrandName:  Seretide 500 Accuhaler


TerbutalineSulphate 0.5mg/dose Turbohaler

BrandName:  Bricanyl Turbohaler


Tobramycin28mg Podhaler

Brand Name: Tobi 28mg Podhaler