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Tablets Comparison

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The tables below compares common antibitoics and tablets with Creon 10 and 25 capsules

Anti-Infective Agents

Drug Description Drug Picture  Creon 10,000 CapsCreon 25,000 Caps 
Amoxicillin 500mg Caps  
Azithromycin 250mg Caps   
Azithromycin 500mg Caps   
 Cefalexin 250mg Caps 
 Cefalexin 500mg Caps   
Cefixime 200mg Tabs   
Chloramphenicol 250mg Caps   
Ciprofloxacin 100mg Tabs   
Ciprofloxacin 250mg Tabs   
Ciprofloxacin 500mg Tabs   
Ciprofloxacin 750mg Tabs   
Clarithromycin 250mg Tabs   
Clarithromycin 500mg Tabs   
Clindamycin 150mg Caps   
Co-amoxiclav 375mg Tabs   
Co-amoxiclav 625mg Tabs   
Co-Trimoxazole 480mg Tab   
Co-Trimoxazole 960mg Tab   
Doxycycline 50mg Caps   
Doxycycline 100mg Caps   
Doxycycline 100mg Souble Tabs   
Erythromycin 250mg Tabs   
Erythromycin 500mg Tabs   
Ethambutol 100mg Tabs   
Ethambutol 400mg Tabs   
Flucloxacillin 250mg Caps   
Flucloxacillin 500mg Caps   
Fluconazole 50mg Caps   
Fluconazole 200mg Caps   
Fusidic Acid 250mg Tabs   
 Itraconazole 100mg Caps
Linezolid 600mg Tabs   
Metronidazole 200mg Tabs   
Metronidazole 400mg Tabs   
Moxifloxacin 400mg Tabs   
Rifampicin 150mg Caps   
Rifampicin 300mg Caps   
Trimethoprim 100mg Tabs   
Trimethoprim 200mg Tabs   
Voriconazole 50mg Tabs
Voriconazole 200mg Tabs   

General Tablets

Drug Description Drug Picture Creon 10,000 CapsCreon 25,000 Caps 
 AquADEKs  Multivitamin and mineral Supplement Soft Gel Capsules      
 Omeprazole 10mg Caps    
 Omeprazole 20mg Caps
 Prednisolone 1mg Tabs
 Prednisolone 5mg Tabs
 Prednisolone 5mg Souble Tabs
 Prednisolone 25mg Tabs
 Ranitidine 150mg Tabs
 Ursodeoxycholic Acid 150mg Tabs
 Ursodeoxycholic Acid 250mg Tabs